Required Enrollment Documents   

  • Certified Birth Certificate (original - no copies)
  • Proof of Residency - drivers license, rental agreement, utility bill, etc.  Owning property in the district is not proof of residency.  The rule of thumb for residency is "where you lay your head at night."  
  • Vision screening if entering Kindergarten
  • Up-to-date immunization record
  • Transcript needed for any High School students
  • Report Card for Middle School students, if available
  • If student received special education services or program in former school, current IEP and assessment report copies

For more information or to request an information packet, contact the school your child will be attending.  

Alto Elementary: Areas south of the Grand River.

Bushnell/Cherry Creek Elementary:  Areas south of Bailey Drive and north of the Grand River, including the city of Lowell.  Also areas located east of the Flat River (except Burroughs Street and side streets off it); and Bailey Drive west of McCabe.

Murray Lake Elementary: All areas  on Bailey Drive (east of McCabe) and side streets off of it; areas north of Bailey Drive; also Burroughs Street and side streets off it.

District Map

Elementary Attendance Map